About AxeCoin

AxeCoin is a powerful mix of cryptocurrency technologies and a real business income. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, whose value depends only on a short-term interest of market participants, AxeCoin's value is based on investments in the real business.

Decentralization is digital freedom, reinvesting into a real business is a guarantee of stability and growth. AxeCoin allows you to receive up to 200% of the annual profit!

How It Works?

AxeCoin is a technology based on Bitcoin blockchain what uses Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm.

Let's Start

Download a Wallet

Install the official AxeCoin wallet. It's easy to use and absolutely free!

Safe & Secure

Modern crypto technologies stand on the guard of your AxeCoin. You can keep your wallet offline for maximum security, while still earning interest on your coins.

Buy & Sell

You can use your coins to make purchases. Operations are blazing fast.

Easy to use

AxeCoin wallet has a convenient and intuitive interface.

Coin Sale

Join the community and start earning. Buy coins before the final sale for a special price.

1,253,217 AXC 9,000,000 AXC Sale Raised Soft-caps
  • 1000 AXC = $107

    Private Sale
  • $ 148.144.52


    Acceptable Currency


We are constantly working to improve AxeCoin by introducing new technologies and making it even more reliable and profitable.

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